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Company Overview

Jeffrey M and Pamela J. Simon, PrincipalsProfessionalism. Experience. Integrity. Insight.
River West Consultants, Ltd. has followed these core principles for more than thirty years as one of Chicago's most prominent legal search and consulting firms. Clients look for these qualities in their lawyers. Legal employers and candidates expect them from colleagues and search consultants alike. Our consistent dedication to them is our hallmark.

Additionally, the reputation we've earned in this time for providing hands-on personal attention, countless professional contacts and readily bringing the right people together with one another for the right reasons is equally reflective of who we are.

We stay current by staying in touch
As change continues to rapidly reshape the legal profession, our position as a leading legal search organization, along with our strong client and candidate relationships, enables us to stay at the forefront of the market. We are constantly engaged in conversations about hiring. Because of this, we are well prepared to find the right person now or in the future. We remain today, as we began, a full-service search and consulting firm working successfully with attorneys in virtually every legal discipline whether they practice in Chicago or across the country.

Going beyond the basics
In addition to our main legal search services, we offer a variety of related consulting services that allow us to provide added value to professionals by sharing our experiences and insights. Consulting with attorney employers on such professional employment issues as practice development, law firm and practice mergers and diversity hiring broadens our ability to integrate both the form and function of your workplace with the needs and desires of attorneys who are already a part of your firm and those you plan to hire.

Our word is our bond
At River West, we keep our commitments. Our name is synonymous with forthrightness, dedication and reliability.

River West Consultants, Ltd.

River West Consultants, Ltd.
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