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River West Consultants, Ltd. provides executive search services to financial services companies. In our global economy, banks, investment firms and insurance companies have been growing and expanding their financial products. Competition to capture a greater market share requires their hiring experienced, well qualified people. We recruit for chief executive officers and senior executives. Additionally, we search for money managers, fiduciaries and financial sales and marketing executives. At River West, we can find the highly talented executives and managers that are critical to achieving success in the business and financial worlds. We work closely with companies to identify the requisite combination of skills and backgrounds for these positions and then target our search to find the right individuals. In addition to our search services, we also consult with corporations regarding cultural diversity, affirmative action planning, hiring techniques and compensation issues.

We place great value on our working relationships with our clients and we communicate regularly with them. Thus, we are better able to provide meaningful information to our candidates about their professional achievements, objectives, interests and firm or corporate culture. We are confident that our in-depth interviews, skill and judgment will facilitate appropriate hiring and management decisions.

We welcome your inquiries in regard to any of our services in these areas.

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